The garden (Colours and scents in a breath-taking garden)

The landscape at AliseA is a combination of well-kept manicured gardens, lawns and natural woods. Roses, lavender, cotoneaster, and many other flowers characteristic of the Roero region.
A simple and welcoming garden to relax, sunbath, play with your kids, enjoy the view, and look at stars during summer nights.
A barbeque area is also available for the guests to use.

Private parking is available. Of course it’s possible to reach the rooms by car, but we preferred the idea of leaving them a few metres away from the rooms in order that guests would not be disturbed.


The panoramic terrace (Beautiful masonry with local stones)

What a breathtaking view! Standing on the top of our tower built with the local stones of Langhe, you can see the beautiful Alps, ranging from Alpi Marittime up to the Monviso, along the border with France. You can also see towns and cities such as Cherasco, Fossano, Mondovì, Cuneo… as well as the UNESCO world heritage sites, Pollenzo and the Langhe hills.

The tower offers an ideal place where guests can sunbath in summer days, or relax under the roof in the cool of the shade.

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