Eco Guest House - Did you know…?


Why “EcoGuest house”?

The idea of environmental friendly tourism has been incorporated into AliseA since the very beginning of its design. The entire structure was constructed using bio-architecture techniques according to eco-housing principles.

Hot water is generated through a geothermal exchange heating pump located in the garden. The system works by transferring heat rather than producing it, and it guarantees an extremely high level of comfort with very low consumption of resources. Cooling in the summer is also generated via the same system.

And then, just to mention other few examples, we use energy-saving light bulbs, water-saving taps, showers and flushes, electrical appliances in class A or A+ only, etc.



At AliseA we care a lot about the environment, therefore we recycle!
In your room as well as outside you’ll find containers to sort your waste: paper, plastic, glass, food waste, and garbage.
Remember, recycling is so important. So, please sort your waste carefully!
Used batteries, medicines and light bulbs can be given to the reception that will take care of it.



Your pets are welcome at AliseA. However, we kindly ask you yo observe some important rules:

  • do not use dishes and cups available in your room to feed your pet/s
  • do not let you pet/s on the bed
  • do not leave your pet by itself when you leave your room

Extra Cleaning fee: € 10 at the end of the stay.

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